Healing Through The Akashic Records

Healing Through The Akashic Records

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E-Mail Akashic Readings

$ 40.00

Usually 1-2 pages, these readings can focus on 1 (one) question, please adjust your quantity to reflect the amount of questions you're asking. After you place your order please e-mail : katie@katiemcbrien.com with your question(s).

Mp3 Recorded Reading

$ 75.00

Usually 20-30 minutes a recorded Mp3 reading for one question (please update your totals to reflect your amount of questions. Once you've purchased please e-mail: katie@katiemcbrien.com with your question(s). 

Zoom Akashic Reading

$ 99.99

We will meet for one (1) hour via zoom, after completion of purchase you'll be re-directed to my schedule where you can book your time. 

Money Transformation Package

Learn how to shift your relationship with money. 

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